Be It Unto Me for 2020

The humility to be amazed in every miracle performed by a Savior. Who am I to be included in the history of your ministry on Earth? That's how I comprehend the words of Mary when she received the news from an angel. Be it unto me,  In valleys and mountains, I know your light will... Continue Reading →

2019 the year of Hosanna

Aaminin ko, I felt somehow I don't want to go out that morning for some reason. First ayoko gumastos dahil need ko magtipid para sa mga umaasa na inaanak ko, then second hindi ako sure saan ako pupunta that morning. I usually attend the evening service dahil after Sunday class ko yun. Pero today I don't have... Continue Reading →


I know this is super late pero I would like to claim that this is one of the movie that I would re watch and re watch. Kung uso pa ang VHS tapes baka malabo na ang mag play sa screen pero papanoorin ko pa rin. Actually it's a sad movie but it left certain... Continue Reading →

Still faithful

It was still me, the very core of my being - to serve and share love to people.  In the years of thriving, the continuous battle to walk on this path pulled me from side to side and at times I would question myself why do this heart breaks for people who I do not... Continue Reading →

Blue, In time

The reason I was so afraid to fall in love because when I gave my heart I know I gave it all away with my everything, all its intricate details. Am I to blame? For that I don't know the answer. I always pray that the next time I will love it will be you,... Continue Reading →

Alam ko yung ayaw ko

Yung may malaking mata, matangkad at skinny guy talaga ang type ko, like when someone walk by na malaki mata then matangkad like okey magpapa cute ako talaga. Ideally yan ang physical appearance ng guy na gusto ko if ever sa future. Pero kung tatanungin mo kung anong character, I admire guys who can make... Continue Reading →

Tunay na Ligaya

Iisa lamang ang hinihiling kong kasagutan, ang ngayon at kailanma'y makapiling ka Gusto ko talaga nagpapakilala ng magagandang awitin at last week may na discover ako na parang umaawit ang buong mundo habang naririnig ko sa tenga ko. At natuwa pa ang puso ko ng malaman ko na si Mr. C ang nagsulat ng kanta... Continue Reading →

The aisle

I don't know but it felt tear jerky to read through an article that someone would not like her father to walk down the aisle with her, then the father responded that he will always be the first man to love her daughter. Then I remember my daddy, he had brain stroke 15 years ago... Continue Reading →

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