What do You see?

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”   ~Genesis 16:13   Have you eyes of flesh? Do you see as man sees? ~Job 10:4   When I look in the mirror, I can't help but... Continue Reading →


Lots.   Like this one I felt I am running out of time. I'm still here, the status I've been for a while.   This is raw. The depth of yearn I'm going through, moments like today.   I felt I need to settle soon, but it can't be with someone, because I don't know... Continue Reading →

Blank Wall is not blank

I once encountered the mystery of blank wall.  It was during my OJT days in a really nice office space in Ortigas. I was amazed to share lunch with the President of the organization. I vividly remember how she said it, "Blank wall is a hard fight because of its blankness" Those words were kept... Continue Reading →

World In Between

The interest to know more about NoKor spur in me since 2009 when I landed my feet at DMZ. It was a life changing visit that in my prayers I always remember the two lands that separated by 5kms line. In 2009 I was blessed to experience the fire in the hearts of Korean believers.... Continue Reading →

Does healing come?

  What if?  The very question I had when the challenge of new season enter my life. I wanted to shrugged it off, and think it will pass by just like any season. But I must admit it has been the season that never let me go - it's turmoil. There were days, I need... Continue Reading →

Matapang na kape

Bawal naman talaga sa akin ang kape.  Pero syempre adik kaya gagawan ng paraan, bibigyan ng dahilan at patuloy na ilalaban para lang makamit. Sinasabi ko na hindi ako persistent na tao, pero aaminin ko na hindi ako madaling sumuko sa mga bagay na gusto ko, yung ilang araw ko ng iniisip or taon ko... Continue Reading →

Ezer Woman

Dapat natapos ko na ito last year pero nahirapan ako, nilamon ako ng madaming isipin. Okey aamin na ako, nahirapan akong isulat ang topic about women because somehow last year I lose something that I try to build for so many years. When people walk away from your life, when they didn’t choose you it... Continue Reading →

Self love is not selfish

Naiisip ko na din naman talaga na gawin ang bagay na ito noong mga nakaraang panahon. Nag iipon lang ako ng lakas ng loob, nag self-talk sa mga dahilan bakit ba gagawin ko ang bagay na to. Like some people said "ladies hair is a crown of beauty" and so the standard of having a... Continue Reading →

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