Sino ang tatay mo?

Napapangiti ako tuwing matatanaw ko ang Megamall. Naalala ko ang kwento ng pagyayabang ko sa mga kaklase ko nung Grade 2.┬áKatatapos lang ng flag ceremony at nakapila kami papasok ng classroom. Binulong ko sa katabi ko na umuwi na ang daddy ko galing sa trabaho nya at nalaman ko na ang trabaho nya. Angeline, umuwi... Continue Reading →


Am I still Yours?

How many times will I say sorry to you For all the things that cause you pain For all the times I neglect you And for all the wrong choices They said I should pick up my mess One by one gather my pieces Offer it at the foot of the cross But every touch... Continue Reading →

Blue and You

You like blue And that made me smile I can remember you always By the color around me When I look above I can see you in the sky To watch the waves Surely you are on the ocean So many reasons for hope In every turn of events with you I no longer doubt... Continue Reading →

How many deaths?

How many deaths should a person experience in his lifetime? That goes in my head for the past months. The death I'm saying is beyond loosing a loved ones but a death of dreams, surrendering a situation which beyond controls, and offering in obedience to One who knows the best for each of our lives?... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Mommy-hood

Sometimes things got so out of hand and you loose all controls of the situations. Worst you watch things crumbled before your eyes, no matter how tight you grip in there's no way but slip away. I felt that this morning and I know I messed up. It's been almost three months that I'm on... Continue Reading →

Walang Katulad

Lubhang nakaka-mangha ang bawat pagsikat at paglubog ng araw Ang bawat pag tanaw ng buwan sa mundo At ang pagbibigay ng ilaw ng mga bituin sa dilim ng gabi Kasabay ng malamyos na hangin nagpapa-sayaw sa mga puno Saan nga ba ginagawa ang bawat patak ng ulan? Matatagpuan ba ang daan ng mga unos? Kailan... Continue Reading →

Summer is not my favorite season

You asked me about my memorable summer, I had bunch but this one marked my heart and up until now I can still vividly remember every details of that summer of 2015. I am not supposed to join the group going to the north but the morning when they were going I got invited and... Continue Reading →

30 Truths and A Lie

This is my share of celebrating 30 years of life on earth and looking beyond. Every birthdays have its story and I want to share mine. It was Thursday when my mother gave birth to me. 11:00 in the morning when I first saw the world. The midwife who assisted my mother become my godmother.... Continue Reading →

Meet my babies

This is my share of celebrating 30 years of life on earth and looking beyond. Ipapakilala ko ang mga babies ko. Sila ang nagturo sa akin ng tamang pag aalaga at kung paano mag let go. Ilang beses na muntik na nila akong iwan. May mga days din na hindi ko alam paano sila mabubuhay... Continue Reading →

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