Don’t Cry

You are allowed to celebrate. Not in this situation you are allowed to shed even a single tear. I don't give you that opportunity to grief on what had happened. Because in those moments I am shedding my tears, you're absent And that journey alone gave me so much to ponder - about us. Then... Continue Reading →


Siguro ikaw nga

Naalala kita sa mga kanta tulad ng to be with you at aaminin ko Parang nagbabalik ang mga araw na narinig ko ang mga awit na yun At ikaw ang nakikita ko, ikaw ang nahahawakan ko Malinaw pa din sa isip ko ang mga pagkakataon na kasama ka Siguro nga ikaw ang pag-ibig na hindi... Continue Reading →

Anong cubicle number?

I have something with restrooms in the office. May favorite akong cubicle sa apat na doors ng restroom namin sa office. Since 2015 yun ang lagi kong pinipili na door. Yung pangalawa from main door ng restroom. Pero recently nasira ang mga accessories ng cubicle na yun at one week pa bago ulit naging available... Continue Reading →

Come let us adore Him

Today is another miracle, because I am alive. So I was sitting at my working table feeling exhausted and uninspired. I was texting someone about my emotion today and he didn't told me that he sent something over messenger. I was watching the video and my eyes were in tears. It was a song for... Continue Reading →

After three years

Today marks the day you will leave my country, you packed in your heart the excitement of going home and see the people you've been missing for months that you stay here. I wanted to tell you many things, I wanted to hold your hands so tight for maybe you will know that you are... Continue Reading →


The past weeks had me question the definition of friendship? Is there a difference between how people make friends in the city than what I used to know in the province? Does friendship become to impersonal through generations? I had been through many things, and nowadays I still need to undergo many transformations. I felt... Continue Reading →

Move Those Mountains

I love mountains and music. It is really fascinating how a song will move your bones and nerves and push you to write something. So here's some thoughts from a beautiful song. He is not confined, He confounds He will not resign, He resounds He is not restrained, hear the sound Oh hear the sound... Continue Reading →

Hello from Earth

Crying is not my thing, I don't easy shed tears over something or someone. But its different today. I won't forget what happened years ago. I am aware that it will come, as sure as our breathe It will be taken away one day and yours arrived. But still after so many years I can't... Continue Reading →

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