Conversation #3

Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad?  A man reminded me that indeed there are bad things in this world - death. In the story of Job's life he lost almost everything except his wife and his life, but it seems the weight of all his losses,... Continue Reading →

Conversation #2

Break the wall I am starting to build around my heart... This morning, as I was listening to the preaching I was led to think that I am not yet processing my grief. But I want to not to care about it, instead I opt to continue with the service communion. As I prayed personally, the... Continue Reading →

Conversation #1

Let me be your Father... Oh the passing days challenge me in all ways, I fell into physical exhaustion and need to be away from everything for a few days just to recuperate.  As I lay in bed, doing routines and trying to cope - I whisper to God" I lost my Daddy a few... Continue Reading →

Loveliest Letter

Today looks just an ordinary day - I woke up in the morning, turned on my phone, checked the time and decided to go out and ride my bike for one hour.  The sun is at last up because for many days the rain kept on pouring which I love most days. But today is... Continue Reading →

Hey, it’s love

Someone came along two weeks ago, swept off my feet and ready to build the future with me.  It was nice to know, maybe an affirmation that he is real and alive.  However,  to ask a few questions - silence suddenly grew between us. First, do you love me? He said, love is a learned... Continue Reading →

Flying or Resting

I like to ask questions, not because I can't understand but because I want to verify and clarify things.  And so the same when it comes to my faith journey, I often ask God and confirm His words on specific situations I had in my life.  Most days of my questioning, I barely had answers. And... Continue Reading →

You are worth it

This is a spiral down staircase that I only noticed when I feel like air is getting thinner down here. I just go on with life, daily routines of work and home activities. I'm just done with my 30days yoga journey and it felt good.  I frequently asked God why He still chooses me everyday, why He... Continue Reading →

A cup of tea

"not every one's cup of tea"  I stumbled on this line a few days ago, and I can't help but think of my own journey when it comes to choosing the tea to drink every time I need one.  I have a few collections - green tea, black tea, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, butterfly pea and... Continue Reading →

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