Be mindful

After four days of break from work, I cannot say I feel refreshed but instead I felt terrible because its Monday again and I need to work. Human oh human, how can you easily forget the comfort you had from the previous days. Reminding you how lazy you are the past days - you only relax... Continue Reading →

Because of Sam

I am a one happy Tita to a three year old nephew, and I love the adventures he adds to my life every single day.  Their house is just beside where I also live with my parents, I heard this morning that he was playing with one of the neighbor kids. For now, Sam is an... Continue Reading →

His sole comfort

Many times I will ask God why did you bother to take care of me? Why did you spend time getting my attention? Why will you provide for my needs even before I whisper in prayer?  Would my life be different if I wasn't aware of your presence in my life?  In one of my... Continue Reading →

Stop to comfort

When you think about the word stop, what comes to your mind?  Well, for me it means getting my attention transfer to another thing. I need to stop what I am doing so that I can focus on another thing. Like for example when I need to stop working so that I can take my... Continue Reading →

Entry 120th

Re alignment  For this year I am going back to the adventures given to me beforehand, the one that I tucked inside because I'm too afraid to venture.  But the call kept on nudging my heart, asking to come out and start its blossoming, and for the word of this 2021 - re alignment  I... Continue Reading →

Moments of NOT YET

Why not now if you will just give it eventually? That's my typical question when God's answer to my prayers is NOT YET. It showed how impatient and persistent I am in moments that I really wanted something but I still need to wait for His signal.  But to learn to wait is to appreciate... Continue Reading →

Journey of His NO

Can I really write this one, the journey of His NO, it already hurts just thinking about it.  Some people might say, it's okay at least you have an answer to your inquiry, however it's not what you expected or imagined.Well, most of His NO usually happened because He wanted to protect me or to direct... Continue Reading →

He said YES

Here it goes, the first blog entry of 2021. I took my time to lay back, and watched my days pass by 2020. What had happened, what were the significant changes, and all in betweens? But this time I am going back to writing, to bursting myself in sheets and making sense of things I've encountered in... Continue Reading →

Breaking apart, gathering pieces

As much as I can, I wanted to stay calm and relax despite the whirlwind of emotions taking over me. Some unpleasant information caught me off guard. This is real, the reality of the virus that left traces in every area, and the magnitude of worry will sweep you away into depression. But the words... Continue Reading →

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