Breaking apart, gathering pieces

As much as I can, I wanted to stay calm and relax despite the whirlwind of emotions taking over me. Some unpleasant information caught me off guard. This is real, the reality of the virus that left traces in every area, and the magnitude of worry will sweep you away into depression. But the words... Continue Reading →

Street lights, busy streets

I never would have thought that I will need this break from a serene community in the province. In my head, I am gasping for air - I need to breathe. I need to see other things and be amazed by something.  I had thoughts about the situation back home, my mom and my dad and... Continue Reading →

Wandering heart, shaking hands

My heart is not okay. And it's affecting my perspectives and how I deal with some challenges in life. I woke up, unmotivated and feeling unable. Last weekend, I thought I would have the chance to take some days off but my head twirls around and saw some good news from friends, but my envious heart asks,... Continue Reading →

Going home, deepening roots

Who would have thought at this time I will see myself inside the home where I grew up. Corners of this house knew all the ups and downs of my life, the growing up years full of adventures, the teenage days of confusion and burst of emotions, and the adulting moments of packing bags and... Continue Reading →

Claiming heights, moving forward

Heights can be scary and at times the danger of falling terrified us.  But for any reason I am not sure why heights have this appeal to me. I like the sight of being at top most of a building overlooking all the things that surround my ground.  For a time I forgot the feeling it brought... Continue Reading →

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