So It’s You

To remind you everyday, I will never get tired. That you are appreciated, and will always be worth it. To tell you every morning that I love your presence in my life To whisper at night that I felt the warmth of your love And all other things about you matters to meThis world will... Continue Reading →


Beyond Grateful

Thank you It will not be enough to give back all the things you gave to me. For all the moments you made happened in my life - whether I deserved it or not. You know the deepest longings of my heart, the yearn in those years that passed and still desires in the future.... Continue Reading →

Fear Not, this is Love

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 Two imperfect being in the hands of a perfect lover. How does a person love another person despite all the flaws and imperfections.... Continue Reading →

Iibigin kita sa katahimikan

Hindi na ako magtatanong at magmamaktol Alam kong hindi sa gitna ng kaguluhan iguguhit ang daan mo patungo sa akin Dahil sa gitna ng kaguluhan iba ang ating nakikita - iba ang kamay na ating hahawakan, malayo sa tanaw ng bawat isa ang ating anyo.   Hindi ko ipaglalaban ang aking nadarama sa gitna ng... Continue Reading →

Opposite and Others

Its been three days that every afternoon it rained so hard in my hometown. I was still on my sick leaves due to some viruses that caught me last week or so moments. It was really different as I observed the kind of weather nowadays. The rain will not instantly start to fall just like... Continue Reading →

Clean Your Own Mess

I’m not a big fan of mess areas but don’t take me as one of those super OC human. So whenever  I’m given the chance to do some spring cleaning I usually grab the chance. Second day of my week long rest due to some disease and there’s nothing to do except sleep and eat.  And... Continue Reading →

Ideas on Food Source

It wasn't special. This too shall pass. When I look back I'll see how strong I become from this experience. This time I had potatoes, white bread, and rice - I know all carbohydrates. But that's all the available food in our kitchen and I'm too tired of biscuits. I remember all the starting point... Continue Reading →

Life with Acids

So I was admitted to the hospital near our office last Thursday due to acid peptic disease. The activity in our stomach that is part of the digestion where in there is an excessive acid secretion or diminished mucous defense. It was a party in the office where everyone is on their merry mode. We... Continue Reading →

Nice Collision

I love music. I enjoy the soothing sound it brings to my ear and flowed to my senses. Music calms me down, like in any ordinary day I will have my earphones and listen quietly to my playlist. And sometimes in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up I will grab my... Continue Reading →

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