…every step marked history

Love is all around me, loving family, and loving church, loving friends, and loving God. Those loves are always free and always available to catch me whenever I jump off the cliff to take new adventures.

And they say that love heals and continually unfolds the character of humanity and so I write, its one of the things I love and it loves me back. It becomes my therapy, this is my way of getting back my sanity. For many years I’ve been writing hundreds of simple notes to poems and essays, even love letters and marriage vows.

“But there are plenty of things I have trouble understanding. So I write poems to figure things out. Sometimes the only way I know how to work through something is by writing a poem. Sometimes I get to the end of the poem, look back and go, “Oh, that’s what this is all about,” and sometimes I get to the end of the poem and haven’t solved anything, but at least I have a new poem out of it.”

“So no matter that I have inhibitions to fill all my pockets, I keep trying, hoping that one day I’ll write a poem I can be proud to let sit in a museum exhibit as the only proof I existed.”

~Sarah Kay (If I should have a daughter – TED Talk)





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