Thrive 2018

Last year I gave myself a slowdown. I take every chance to take things lightly. To look at the beautiful sky, appreciate every sunset and sunrise and watched the moon and stars. I remind myself that beautiful things take time, and only through slow dancing you will savor the sweet taste of music. And so,... Continue Reading →



Sabi ng nanay ko maganda daw ang penmanship ko. Nay, ano po ang isusulat ko? Sarado Yan ang unang beses na nagsulat ako sa karatula Sarado Inilagay sa harap ng tindahan Sarado Dahil matutulog ang nanay ko Dahil gabi na at matutulog na kami Dahil aalis ang bantay sa tindahan Nay, ano po ang isusulat... Continue Reading →

Dear 19 Self

Ten years ago, I was this naive but cheerful lady, starting out my life as an adult. I was this dream-filled human and unsure if those dreams will all come to pass. My heart was so warm and given to someone but in pain after we discover things we can't compromise to each other. And... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Piolo

This morning I woke up and accepted the misery of Piolo will not be mine I try to find reasons, but its all hard to admit Letting go of Piolo is like giving up my desire to be a doctor I remember when I told myself to stop and let go Since grade school I... Continue Reading →

Journey To Your Mind

This will be our first date. I haven't sit down with a graphic artist To dig deep into their mind As they bleed the blankness And mapped out their thoughts I would love to invite you for a coffee As you scribbles into tissue papers And spot it with coffee markings Then I'll gaze at... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Creation

Celebrate his goodness Celebrate his faithfulness Celebrate his righteousness Celebrate his kindness In His goodness is the flow of His provisions Nothing is impossible when heaven gates open wide Truly as the rain poured out is everyone needs be given And his will be accomplished through His ways Every word spoken will not fail His... Continue Reading →

Ideas on Food Source

It wasn't special. This too shall pass. When I look back I'll see how strong I become from this experience. This time I had potatoes, white bread, and rice - I know all carbohydrates. But that's all the available food in our kitchen and I'm too tired of biscuits. I remember all the starting point... Continue Reading →

Life with Acids

So I was admitted to the hospital near our office last Thursday due to acid peptic disease. The activity in our stomach that is part of the digestion where in there is an excessive acid secretion or diminished mucous defense. It was a party in the office where everyone is on their merry mode. We... Continue Reading →

Nice Collision

I love music. I enjoy the soothing sound it brings to my ear and flowed to my senses. Music calms me down, like in any ordinary day I will have my earphones and listen quietly to my playlist. And sometimes in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up I will grab my... Continue Reading →

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