Magmamahal ka ba ng LUGAW?

May mga araw na wala akong ibang gustong pakinggan kundi ang mga kanta ng Matchbox Twenty. Ito yung mga araw na sobrang clouded ang utak ko. Clouded na makapal na clouds. Parang walang sunshine or any sign of maaliwalas na scenery. Nakakaloka talaga ang mga nakaraang buwan at hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa din... Continue Reading →


Come let us adore Him

Today is another miracle, because I am alive. So I was sitting at my working table feeling exhausted and uninspired. I was texting someone about my emotion today and he didn't told me that he sent something over messenger. I was watching the video and my eyes were in tears. It was a song for... Continue Reading →

Move Those Mountains

I love mountains and music. It is really fascinating how a song will move your bones and nerves and push you to write something. So here's some thoughts from a beautiful song. He is not confined, He confounds He will not resign, He resounds He is not restrained, hear the sound Oh hear the sound... Continue Reading →

Am I still Yours?

How many times will I say sorry to you For all the things that cause you pain For all the times I neglect you And for all the wrong choices They said I should pick up my mess One by one gather my pieces Offer it at the foot of the cross But every touch... Continue Reading →

How many deaths?

How many deaths should a person experience in his lifetime? That goes in my head for the past months. The death I'm saying is beyond loosing a loved ones but a death of dreams, surrendering a situation which beyond controls, and offering in obedience to One who knows the best for each of our lives?... Continue Reading →

Even If

I first heard this song over the radio and it leaves an impact to me. I searched the title of the song and downloaded it so I can listen to it all the time. And found out that its the song of the band MercyMe and its title is "Even If" the title itself speaks... Continue Reading →

Precious In Your Sight

When I walk around the world and see the ways of man I believe it then that its all vanity Chasing after the wind But you paved your way to my heart Open possibilities to make your love known by my being How can this be too much When all I hold dear all empty... Continue Reading →

Days of Desperation

In moments of my deepest longing let my heart be drawn to your unfailing love. When all I can see is the desperation of my situation let me gaze once more in the light of your truth. And let me forgive myself as you have embrace me with all my iniquities and weaknesses. To savor... Continue Reading →

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