Be It Unto Me for 2020

The humility to be amazed in every miracle performed by a Savior. Who am I to be included in the history of your ministry on Earth? That’s how I comprehend the words of Mary when she received the news from an angel.

Be it unto me, 

In valleys and mountains, I know your light will still be there to guide my journey.

In darkest of night, your faithful morning will shine forth to reveal the beauty of Your creation.

In quietness and loudness of voices, You will be heard and the power of your words prevail.


Be it unto me, 

Touch my scars and healing is at work, for you have promise miracles.

Let my tears flow and you will gather it in your hands to water seeds of faith.

Intervene in the struggle of brain works and heartfelt emotion, for your wisdom is the best.

Be it unto me, 

People see your story of goodness and unending love

And so let words flow – every spoken be come to life

After all this journey is yours to take – I am your earthen vessel


Be it unto me, according to Your words.


CHALLENGE: Speak words of life to every corner where you will land your feet

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