The aisle

I don’t know but it felt tear jerky to read through an article that someone would not like her father to walk down the aisle with her, then the father responded that he will always be the first man to love her daughter.

Then I remember my daddy, he had brain stroke 15 years ago and since then I gave importance to every moment with him. Although at times I felt irritated because of all his impossible and demanding requests but I’m always reminded how he sacrificed things before just to provide for our needs. And so as much as I can, I’ll give him the best of me.

And I took it lightly whenever he pressured me to get married and have my own children. As I watch all the weddings of my siblings, and followed by my daddy playing with my nephews, I can’t help but be pressured, and jealous at the same time. I want that, I want to walk the aisle with my daddy, and I want my children to play with him. I love watching him giving away stuff to my children, and my children making him laugh loudly.

I will always pray that one day it will happened, it might look impossible because of my situation but I will continue to believe that for my dad’s sake I will walk down the aisle with him and mommy. I will still see my children beside him. And on that day, I know that miracles do happened for those who believe and never lose hope despite the impossibilities.

Question: How do you imagine your wedding will look like?

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