Home for you

There were days when I felt packing all of my things and head home. Then I would stop for a moment to ask myself where is my home? Where is the home I am pertaining to, that I will come home whenever things got uncontrollable and eating my whole being, too late for me to realize that I am alone now on this journey. 
Home, I need to wrestle for this word in so many ways for so long. I’ve been traveling almost ten years of my life because of the work that feeds me and sustain my daily grind on this planet. I had so many pieces of me scattered around the planet and to so many people. I had full packed bags of memories, basket of moments with so many people involved and traces of fingerprints and breath with the air in every places I’ve visited in a decade.
Home is not just a place, it is a feeling. I’m a person with so many emotions, sometimes having trouble naming them and identifying if its really part of the human palette of feelings. They say it’s fleeting but for me a home is a feeling that captured me from the first time and will always remind me that at that moment whenever looked back and realized it will bring the same feeling – home. The joy, aspirations and hope at that moment harbor enough feelings to be called a home by a person who experience it. That when everything else fails, those feeling will be cultivated and it will be home again to hope and look forward.
Home is not just memories, it is a person. Have you experienced riding vehicle going home and imagining how you will hug the person you love. In the end of everyday despite all the challenges you know peace is at hand, it awaits in the being of the person inside your house. The being will surely not perfect, as human we have shares of flaws but in our inner being we have warm heart that is willing to be shared and called home by another being. Who is your home? The being in every end of every day, that patiently awaits for you.
Home is not just on earth, but for eternity. We will all vanished, when the time comes all our breathe will fade on this earth’s surface. But we still have life after this – the new earth and new heaven will take over and for those who believe and accept the Maker will live in eternity. And so home is beyond today. The promise of comfort and rest in the shelter of the most High will be lasting on our home with Him.
In the vastness of this universe, may you find your home. 
Question: How do you define home? 

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