Come let us adore Him

Today is another miracle, because I am alive.
So I was sitting at my working table feeling exhausted and uninspired. I was texting someone about my emotion today and he didn’t told me that he sent something over messenger.
I was watching the video and my eyes were in tears.
It was a song for Christmas. I almost forgot that its the start of the season in our country.
I suddenly remember the blessing of celebrating that day, it was Him whom I behold. He is beautiful and all together wonderful.
It was too easy for me to get weary of the issues of today. The burden of life and all challenges it entails. That I forgot the lightness of His burden. And He is continually inviting me to savor His rest.
And so today I behold Him again, in the midst of my packed calendar, I pause and behold my Savior.
Watch the video and behold the miracle of today.

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