After three years

Today marks the day you will leave my country, you packed in your heart the excitement of going home and see the people you’ve been missing for months that you stay here.

I wanted to tell you many things, I wanted to hold your hands so tight for maybe you will know that you are special and I cherished our relationship, though undefined and unlabeled.

Things have changed after that two days of talking to you, things like the perspective of suffering, and facing difficulties in life. I become more accepting and less complaining. I further understand the purpose of pain and how things become more clearer when one is tested. I trusted God more through our conversation on why there is cruelty in this world and why God allowed those things. I realized that at the end of the day, its the way life is and we can only have big faith to trust the One holding our lives together.

I remember telling you that if I wanted someone or like someone I will tell you instantly but I forgot to tell you that I don’t want hurting people and ruining relationships. I forgot to tell you that even though I really like you and wishing it will be you and me, I will not and even give you hint to the depths of my emotion towards you.

You just did so many things in me that can’t easily be forgotten, maybe when we meet again things will change as well, maybe you and maybe me, and we still don’t know.

But for me all I can say is I adore you, and in those moments I don’t have doubts nor regrets to devote myself to you and share my life in a very vulnerable way because I know that you are worth it and will always be enough for the adoration I have for you. Take care and till then…


Question: Have you experienced the undefined and unlabeled kind of relationships, how was it?


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