Opposite and Others

Its been three days that every afternoon it rained so hard in my hometown.

I was still on my sick leaves due to some viruses that caught me last week or so moments.

It was really different as I observed the kind of weather nowadays. The rain will not instantly start to fall just like any ordinary days. It will be humid weather first then big drops of water will starts to fall the heavy rains will water the grounds and all other things around. Then came by an intense thunder with lightning that really seems so long and scary if I will take a view of how it hits from above to the ground. It’s really seems electrically charge that maybe can burn a house or kill a person.

The heavy rain and intense thunder with lightning will go together as if having a showdown up above. They will not stop as for maybe 10 minutes continuously doing their thing. The rain keeps on pouring all over and the thunder with lightning keeps on hitting hard on elsewhere. The event was such a scary thing for a child. I can imagine all other children in the neighborhood under the sheets or hug by their parents until the 10-minute show reach its finale.

Alas the finale, suddenly it’s all silence.

You will just realize that it rained because of wet ground and some water still dripping from the roofs. But the traces of thunder will no longer manifest and it seems nothing happened. And I can testify that there was seem a massacre earlier for 10 minutes.

Thunders with lightning form due to hot and cold air above, the pressure of two opposites put up the strong noise and scary thing for some people.

How come that opposite attracts? It produces some disasters like thunder with lightning. But there is really a miracle to see opposites harmonizes to do something good. The adjustments from both ends bring maturity of character and open possibilities.

Surely rain and thunder with lightning might be destructive for some but it’s a natural work of nature. It happened and we cannot control it. As two opposing matters met and collide or explode, let’s give the task to natural process.


Question: Do you like opposing characters? How far would you adjust just to make things happened?



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