Clean Your Own Mess

I’m not a big fan of mess areas but don’t take me as one of those super OC human.

So whenever  I’m given the chance to do some spring cleaning I usually grab the chance. Second day of my week long rest due to some disease and there’s nothing to do except sleep and eat.  And I know that I will surely die if I will continue that routine for one week.

So after lunch and making sure that nobody is around to hinder me of my plans I grabbed the broom. Our house is not so big but not too small to maintain a daily task of cleaning, knowing that everyone is working and have their busy schedule. I roamed around the house – in every corners and rooms I let my broom pass by and its no surprise to gather over handful of dust, and other things which unnecessary to stay inside the house. I throw it all away outside the house garbage area.

Then I saw our kitchen, I grabbed a clean kitchen cloth and sweep through the tiled areas and stove areas. I like the smell of a clean kitchen, which I don’t know how to describe. Let me just share the feeling by saying that there weren’t any drop of oil or any food material from last time cooking. For finale was the dining table, I sort out all the things on top of it and throw away those seems not to matter at all while put back on shelves those might be needed in the future meals. I don’t like dining tables with something on it if its not meal time.

I’m sweating after all the secret household chores I’ve done but I’m smiling as I look at what I have done. I sit and drink a glass of water.

In my head, how do people give importance to cleaning, whether it is in their workplace or house or personal room? I learned a routine to do my bed every morning because I want to go home smiling at the thought of an arranged pillows and sheets. But with the entire task in the world how do we cope and be able to live in a clean place. Do we pay someone to clean our mess because we have other things to do than cleaning it? Nowadays people got so busy with earning more money and still getting rich so to neglect the basic rule of taking care of your own yard. They say that greener pasture need not to be those on the other side but its within your area if you nurture it if you nourish it.

I’m not sure about the future me, if I will have a house help to help me clean my mess especially if I will have my own family to look after and still work in the office. But as much as I can and if my body could still cope I want to clean my own mess, to discipline my children to clean their own mess and not ask others to do it for them. I guess it would be such an idea when they grow into adult hood that in all aspects of their life they will find ways on how to clean their own mess in life and not look for others to do it for them. I’m also not sure about it but I think it’s a good learning today, maybe the mess in us cannot be fixed overnight but at least we knew that there should be fixing to happened soon.

Find the time to clean your mess.


Question: How do you define a mess? Do you have any mess in your life that needs cleaning/fixing? When do you plan to clean/fix it?


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