Ideas on Food Source

It wasn’t special. This too shall pass.

When I look back I’ll see how strong I become from this experience.

This time I had potatoes, white bread, and rice – I know all carbohydrates. But that’s all the available food in our kitchen and I’m too tired of biscuits.

I remember all the starting point of these foods. Like a rice farmer, I never got the chance to experience rice farming but I have heard all the hardships of one farmer. The span of six months to grow rice and be able to put it on the table of other people because some of them would rather eat sweet potato or corn as its cheaper than the rice they grow for six months. The saying somehow real “ako ang nagsaing iba ang kumain.”

Then came by potatoes, where does in the Philippines it came from, the province? Or maybe we export it like any other products. But I like potatoes whatever its type of cooking. There is comfort in every bite of a potato. I was thinking if I can grow it in our backyard.

Lastly the white bread, of course it came from flour and some mixtures. It was really difficult to mold a dough for a bread. You need to have the right mixture then wait for it to rise when the yeast kick in. Then bake it in an oven with right amount of heat and exact time so to achieve the right texture of softness and good crust outside.
Its easy to just eat daily to nourish our body. But to make a food out of all the available or sometimes scarce ingredients really difficult.
So I savor this moment that I can eat and fill my stomach while remembering those who work hard to bring all these foods on the table, maybe not on theirs but on others like me. 
Question: What is your comfort food? Do you enjoy midnight or dawn snack? What do you think while eating?

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