Life with Acids

So I was admitted to the hospital near our office last Thursday due to acid peptic disease. The activity in our stomach that is part of the digestion where in there is an excessive acid secretion or diminished mucous defense.

It was a party in the office where everyone is on their merry mode. We had a bountiful snack at the pantry area. After almost two hours of talking, eating, laughing and bonding with colleagues, I suddenly felt dizzy. It seems my whole surrounding are twirling. I went back to my work station and rest for sometime, drink medicine and got my blood pressure and temperature check. Then suddenly I started vomiting and dizziness worsen. For two hours more nothings change and I decided to go to hospital. A friend went with me and in the car I still feel dizzy and I vomit like everything I ate went out again.

When we went out from the hospital and finally reached the apartment through a taxi ride, I review the medicines and reminders on food intake. I almost cry to see that I’m not allowed to drink coffee or milk. Added that I cannot eat chocolates of cheese. I feel confused on what to eat and what not. It seems all the food I like will not be allowed for my stomach to process if I want to recover from this acid disease.

Things must change and routines must adjust for me to accommodate this new activities of my stomach. I need to eat the appropriate amount of food as well as right amount of it in my stomach so that the stomach acid will not increase and send negative feedback. My ordinary days, I will sleep at 8PM and woke up at around 12midnight because my stomach won’t let me sleep if I will not eat. Then wait for 30mins until 1hour to finish the digestion. Then because I still need to go to work at 7AM the following day, I will need to be strict with the hours I spend for sleeping and resting.

I’m not really sure what is happening in my stomach, the doctor didn’t seem to complicate my head so she just gave me medicines. If only I can really see what is happening down here. How it can able to process all the food I put inside? Then the food process and got all the nutrients to supply the needs of my body.

Our body is a mystery, there were so many things happening in our every movement or solitary moments.

And acids are in us and keep us alive, but anything in excess or lack will surely disrupt the functions of our body, just what happened to excess acids.

Question: What are the excess or lacking in your body? Do you need to adjust your food intake to keep your body doing its right function? 


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