Nice Collision

I love music.
I enjoy the soothing sound it brings to my ear and flowed to my senses.
Music calms me down, like in any ordinary day I will have my earphones and listen quietly to my playlist. And sometimes in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up I will grab my gadget and hit up the play button.

I remember those lonely nights I will fall asleep with my headphones and just woke up again to pull it off from my ears and continue to sleep.

Aside from listening to music I also love to sing but you know life happens. Maybe, I was sleeping when God showered the talent in singing, or maybe I was busy with my earphones on. But still I will sing along when I hear my favorite songs. One more thing, I remember special people with song I attached to my relationship with them or the song that reminded me of our encounter.

This morning I was listening to one of my favorite singer. Suddenly the lines “made your sun and stars collide” captured me and it brought smile to my face.

Actually it was a sad song, the one you love found somebody else. But my favorite singer was really good and the music and lyrics give me chills.

And made me think what it means to feel that “sun and stars collide.” Well for me its a burst of emotion, its like all your senses had been awaken all at the same time. The happy cells and with all the supporting cells had their parade in your body. I would like to think that its a good feeling. Its like seeing the sunshine for days of rain and gloomy sight. My head paints me a forest covered with green lush after long days of winter.

Indeed, its a sight to behold.

Question: Have you experience that “sun and stars collide” feeling? What was the situation when it happened to you?



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